Allergy diagnosis with automated skin prick tests.

Faster allergy tests, fully digitised diagnosis & ultimately a smooth patient experience.

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Smarter Allergy diagnosis, better Therapy.

Developed by physicians, designed for patients, S.P.A.T. combines evidence-based medicine and pioneering technology. It offers fast, accurate, consistent, and reliable allergy testing and diagnosis with digital and AI-processed data.

We said automated
& we meant it.

Meet the S.P.A.T. | Skin Prick Automated Test

12 equal pricks simultaneously in 10 seconds and digital images enabling physicians to make a diagnosis based on digital, standardized results.

Meet the S.P.A.T. | Skin Prick Automated Test

Enhance your testing and diagnosis processes with S.P.A.T.

More accurate diagnosis

Reduced variability, digital results.


Faster allergy tests, less allergen consumption.

Patient care

Less hands-on time more time for patients.

Meet the S.P.A.T. | Skin Prick Automated Test

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