Smarter allergy tests,
for better therapy

Increased consistency, improved patient experience
and less allergen consumption.

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Streamlined, more consistent results

S.P.A.T. performs 12 simultaneous pricks in just 20 seconds. After 15 minutes, images of the pricked spots are captured, offering digitised test results. This reduces variability and human error, helping physicians on the diagnostic pathway.

Efficient allergy testing

S.P.A.T. efficiently conducts skin prick tests with faster pricking and 3 times less allergen usage. Our automated system offers a solution to effectively address the high workload and shortage of healthcare professionals in hospitals. The decrease in administrative tasks and hands-on time can result in increased testing capacity and improved overall efficiency.

Improved patient experience

Offer your patients a seamless experience with automated pricking, ensuring less painful testing and digital results. By reducing the hands-on time required from your healthcare personnel, they can allocate more dedicated time to prioritise what truly matters—providing optimal care to patients.

Not all 12 pricks are equal

The evolution of allergy diagnosis.

Manual Skin Prick Test

  • 1 prick at a time
  • Variability between pricks
  • Risk for human errors
  • Uncomfortable for the patient

Skin Prick Automated Test

  • 12 simultaneous pricks
  • Reduced variability between pricks
  • Lower risk of human error
  • Improved patient experience

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Trusted by

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New Publication

Skin Prick Automated Test device offers more reliable allergy test results compared to a manual skin prick test

S.F. Seys - K. Roux - C. Claes - L. Van Cappellen - L. Werpin - D. Loeckx - H. Sebrechts - S. Gorris - L. Van Gerven. Rhinology 62-2: 216-222, 2024

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