Innovation thrives when evidence-based medicine embraces technology

We are a team of physicians, engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs striving to set new standards in allergy testing.

Our story

Hippo Dx, a MedTech startup, was born in 2020 out of the need for automation, standardisation, and digitisation in skin prick allergy testing. Today, 30% of the world's population suffers from allergies, but 45% face initial misdiagnosis. The limitation of manual testing prompted Senne Gorris, an ENT surgeon, to envision an innovative solution. Joined by a team of mechatronics and software engineers, they developed S.P.A.T. (Skin Prick Automated Test), a state-of-the-art medical device for allergy testing.

Developed by physicians and designed for patients, S.P.A.T. offers faster, more accurate, and more consistent allergy testing.

Our vision

Hippo Dx envisions democratising allergy diagnosis worldwide by making safe skin prick testing affordable and accessible to the public.

We aspire to revolutionise the allergy healthcare landscape, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for allergy patients worldwide.

Our mission

Hippo Dx is on a mission to offer faster, more accurate, and more consistent allergy testing by combining evidence-based medicine and pioneering technology.

Every day, our dedication lies in providing healthcare professionals with solutions for removing barriers to timely allergy therapy.

Our HIPPO values, rooted in our daily actions

Our core values are the foundation of our decision-making, embodying our fundamental principles.

  • Humility exudes confident leadership
  • Integrity builds trust among stakeholders
  • Perseverance conquers challenges with grace
  • People centricity cultivates loyalty & teamwork
  • Ownership with transparency fosters excellence

Meet our team

Our team holds the perfect balance between experience, expertise and dedication, with a deep understanding of allergy healthcare, advanced hardware, and software technologies.

Senne Gorris
CEO & Founder
Senne Gorris
CEO & Founder
Senne Gorris
CEO & Founder
Senne Gorris
CEO & Founder
Senne Gorris
CEO & Founder
Senne Gorris
CEO & Founder
Senne Gorris
CEO & Founder
Senne Gorris
CEO & Founder
Senne Gorris
CEO - Founder
Dirk Loeckx
Chief Technology Officer
Sven Seys
Chief Scientific Officer
Sara Shafaq
Chief Business Officer
Bert Vrancx
Chief Operating Officer
Lieven Gorris
Account Manager
Siebe Vervoort
Software Engineer
Rob Cardinaels
Product manager
Wim Hofkens
Mechatronics Engineer/Co-founder
Neel Vanhecke
Software Engineer
Peter De Roovere
Software Engineer/Co-founder
Rembert Daems
AI Engineer/Co-founder
Jens Van Gemert
Service Engineer
Rebecca Tang
Software Engineer
Robbe Lens
Junior Sales & Marketing Executive

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