Removing barriers to timely allergy treatment
Meet S.P.A.T.

A paradigm shift in allergy testing with precision and effectiveness.

The lancets

12 pricks in 10 seconds

The sterile lancets are CE certified and of high quality. After pricking, they’re automatically cast off in a waste bin.

Fit to drop

Each lancet tip is equipped with two miniature prickers, applying efficiently 1 droplet of allergen solution on the skin. Consequently, this design leads to a significant reduction in allergen usage.

The device

Harness the convenience of technology in your practice

Our CE-marked and user-friendly device integrates pricking, imaging, and digitalisation capabilities. S.P.A.T. streamlines the process of conducting allergy tests with a step-by-step approach providing evidence of allergic sensitization and confirming type I allergy diagnosis.

The software

Digitise your test results for seamless record tracking

The Web Viewer software converts 35 digital images into a single composite image using AI technology. The Web Viewer also generates a PDF report, providing a detailed overview of the test. So, physicians can store test results digitally within the patient's file for seamless record-keeping.

The allergens

Works with most of the available vendors

Fit up to 24 allergen vials in 1 allergen tray. Bottle caps contain unique identifiers for each allergen. After each test, the bottle caps are automatically closed, preventing cross-contamination between the allergen vials.

1. The Setup

Start a new test by loading 12 sterile lancets into the S.P.A.T. device. Select the forearm to be pricked, choose the allergens and enter the correct patient information.

2. The Pricking & Imaging

Present the patient’s arm to the S.P.A.T. to start the prick test. Once finished, wait 15 minutes before taking the images. During this time a new prick test with the next patient can be performed. Start the imaging process after aligning the pricked spots with the green dots on the screen.

3. The Digital Results

The images will be automatically available for review in the Web Viewer, together with an aggregated composite image. Annotate the images with the test results and export the PDF report as you wish.

Let’s get to work

Reach out to our solution team to discover how our technology can assist you in conducting allergy tests with enhanced efficiency.